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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Grade One and Two... First Day of School

The day arrived. The first day of school.
After getting all my thoughts and stresses out on 'paper' yesterday, and a good night sleep we were all ready for today!

Both the kids got up and were ready to go in the morning. The bags were packed, lunches were done, clothes picked out, new shoes all ready.

Katheryn was very specific about what she wanted for her hair style. And wanted me to take a picture so that she could show it off.

Katheryn was very excited to start school and see all of her friends. She couldn't wait to get on the bus and start grade 2!
She told me that I could take 3 pictures of her, but she only wanted to do one pose.

We weren't sure how the bus schedule will work with the kids. So Kyle and Katheryn went together to Katheryn's bus stop. He got  back to the house in time for Nick's bus, so there is enough time to get to both stops.

Nickolas is excited as well to start school. Not nervous a bit (or if he is, he isn't telling me). When Nick got up in the morning, he was happy that he was going to see his friends today. When I reminded him that he was going to his new school, he told "I know that, I am happy to  meet my new friends."

The bus driver called me yesterday to confirm pick-up time, and was there in time at our house. So there wasn't any delay in Nick going to school. Nick got in the bus and then was gone.

 I went into the school right after first recess to watch Nick's bathroom routine and offer any suggestions. Nick looked so happy there and everyone said he was doing well. I never got to see Katheryn (I didn't want to interrupt anyone too much).

When the kids came home. They said that they had a great time at school. Nick said he made lots of friends, and seems to be in class with all of Katheryn's friends. Katheryn is also in a split class of grade 2/3, which I am very happy about. I think she will do great in a split class.

Both of them are very happy to be back in school!

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