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Monday, August 31, 2015

More Cottaging

Before the end of the summer we had another trip to the cottage (it is my last trip before school because I'm working labour day weekend).

Katheryn loved the rest and time to read her books

Nick liked playing outside with Rory

Nick got a new boomarang toy that we needed to learn how to use. And we needed a lot of space to use it.
I tried throwing it around but got it caught in the trees a couple of times. Nick just likes playing with it as Captain America.

Sam liked that there were other dogs there to take the attention of Rory (photo credit to Nick)

Katheryn has been getting so great and brave in the lake. She likes sitting and watching the waves.

My dad made a new ramp for Nick to get in and out of the cottage himself.

Nick thought that it was great! (I'm so thankful for my parents for doing this)

Our lake is a deeper lake, so the kids had fun swimming.

Katheryn can swim without her floaties, but she is still nervous (and I am too).
When we were at the shore I took everything off and tried to get Nick more comfortable.

And what is better at the cottage than a big pile of dirt!

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