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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Easter Seals Camp - Sports and Crafts

The thing that is most fun about camp is all of the activities.
And the activities for all abilities
Like dodge ball.
The kids had fun throwing balls at each other.
Katheryn likes having the opportunity to try out a wheelchair too.
But she did find it difficult to throw the ball and wheel around

Sledge hockey is always a favorite.
Nick is so excited to do sledge hockey. But he had difficulty moving with all of the equipment on. But that was OK we could still stop for a photo-op

We were able to play a bit of a game and after a while the kids got the hand of it

Katheryn knocked herself over in her sledge and that was it. But she did want to try out Nick's chair and play hockey that way

 We also had archery.
This was another favorite of Nick's was archery.
Nick had a holder that made it easier for him to hold the arrow

I love this look on his face!
Katheryn got to try it as well. She didn't use anything to help, but had to crouch to get the bow back
And I got to try as well. I did get close to the mark for one of my shots.
I got Katheryn to take my picture
Similar to archery they also had sling shots with paint balls
Kyle like doing this one

  Katheryn liked collecting the paintballs.
For some reason I don't have any pictures, but Kyle and I also got to shoot a cross-bow. It was during the parent-only sport.

In the game room we got to play some pingpong

And there was soccer

And Nick had been excited to do bocci ball

But not all of the activities were sports. There was also a visit with the London Police and a they showed off their dogs

Kyle got to try on their training suit.
He didn't actually get attacked by any dogs.

There are often different arts and crafts to try out as well

Katheryn liked doing these (while Nick did most of the sports).
The kids don't have to all do the same thing. We could divide the kids up between  us, or the councilors could take one of them.

Katheryn made a coaster.

 Katheryn also did some science experiments

And I have no idea what she was doing here

Nick did want to do one craft. And of course he made it into Ninja Turtles

And I really wanted to do pottery. After multiple attempts with the pottery wheel, this is my creation. I think it is a cup?

 They had visits from some therapy dogs. Nick enjoyed them

And they had a dress-up activity. Katheryn had so much fun doing that!

These aren't all of the activities that they had through the camp. Some of the activities are only offered once, and some are offered different times.
The pool was also open a lot.
The kids went in every single day. So much that we were able to do some swimming with Nick without his lifejacket

And there was a fight every time when it was time to get  out

Lots and lots of fun stuff to do!

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