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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Marvel's Universe

As a treat for the kids for a great year at school we got them tickets to the Marvel Universe motorcycle show.
Nick's favorite Avengers character is Captain America. I got him a Captain America costume from ebay, but it came the wrong size, so he couldn't wear the whole costume, but he got to wear the mask as a costume

Because we knew that the show was going to be loud, we had earmuffs for Nick to wear. They were great! I don't think Nick would have enjoyed the show otherwise. 

Katheryn had a pair as well, but she just wore them for the beginning of the show. Once she was used to the noise she took them off.
They had face painting, so Katheryn wanted to be the Hulk

I got tickets that were 1 accessible and 1 companion, and then regular tickets right in front. When we arrived we found out that the accessible and the companion tickets were actually across and aisle from each other.
Luckily all the seats hadn't been sold. So I just pulled my chair over and sat beside Nick together.

The show started off loud... and with Loki

 There is a story line, and all of the Avengers (but not Giant Man or Wasp), Miss Marvel, some of the X-Men and Spider man, and some of their specific bad guys

The use all parts of the area and up on the bleachers (but not in the crowd)

 Nick was so excited when Captain America came on

 We got them a couple of souvenirs during the intermission.

Katheryn's favorite character was Black Widow

It wasn't a motorcycle show, but there were lots of times when the motorcycles were out and watching some tricks

Most of the show there  was no Hulk. It was just Bruce Banner. But of couse the Hulk showed up at the end

The kids had a great time at the show!

On the way home we took pictures of each other.
Katheryn took this one of Nick and me

Nick took this one of Kyle.

A great day out on the town!
Avengers Assemble!

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