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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Check-up and fun

We had our annual check up with Dr Rutka our neurosurgeon.

Nick has been more interested in his body and how he was born that I told him that we were going to meet the doctor that did his first surgery on his back, and put the shunt in his head. Nick wanted to see the hospital that he was born at (which is right across the road from Sick Kids)

Going downtown mean another ride on the train, which Nick was very excited about
We were also going to try to take the Subway as well. The TTC is somewhat accessible; some stops are accessible, but not all of them. It is difficult to find where you are going during rush hour, we were just past rush hour so we had some room to move around and try to find where we were going.

There is construction at Union Station, so there was a lot of turning around. But eventually we found out way (Nick wanted to know why we were going around in circles). But we got on the subway and to the right accessible stop (not the hospital one though).

While we waited for our appointment, there was a book talking about transportation (train, bus, subway, car and bike). Nick read the whole book with me!

He also played with some of the small kid toys... I told him he was too big for them
When Dr Rutka came in, he had a bunch of residents with him. All Nick could do was stare at these residents that were crowding at the doorway and looking at him.

Nick couldn't think of any questions he wanted to ask.
In the end, everything is good. His shunt is good. We talked about Nick's need for increased bracing and if we should be concerned about this (tethered cord). So we are going to have another MRI in the next 6 months or so.
When I was filling all the paperwork out, I was asking if we could try to do a non-sedated MRI. So I put that in the paperwork, and will talk to them more when we have the appointment.

Now that all the hopsital stuff out of the way, it was time for some fun!

First stop, street meat. We had a couple of different places around Toronto that we could visit. Nick decided on the Museum

So we walked up to the ROM (farther than I remember, and the accessible subway stop was a lot farther than I thought)
They had a Pompeii exhibit that I wanted to see. Thanks to the Easter Seals Access2 card our admission was discounted (Nick's companion... me... got in for free).

Nick and I had fun trying out toga's (they are much bigger than you think they are).

Nick wasn't sure at first, but finally tried it on

Nick wasn't that interested in all of the artifacts that were there, but we did have a whole conversation about the penis and nipples on some of the naked statues.

They had a huge screen with a blowing up volcano and ash in the background.

They had some of the casts of bodies, I wasn't sure what Nick would think. He was interested in the models of how the casts are made and wanted me to take this picture

After Pompeii we got to visit the dinosaurs

The T-rex

A giant turtle

And Nick wanted to see the pterodactyl

We also saw a new dinosaur they just discovered. A type of triceratops.

We explored a bit more and then headed to the gift shop and did some Christmas shopping (yes you read that right).

Then it was trying to find the accessible subway stop (I was too tired to walk back to Queens Park and the Museum stop is not accessible). After walking the wrong way a couple of times I did find the right stop. Walked into the station and had the guy behind the glass start yelling at me that we were in the wrong place and needed to go around the corner.
I went outside and looked around the corner, but it was just a driveway. I stood outside the station looking very lost and confused, with Nick asking why we were stopped. I'm trying to look at the TTC website and can't find it (I can only find the address I'm standing at). I'm sure I'm looking very lost and confused and a lady asks if she can help.
The subway is not exactly 'around the corner' more like down the street, down another street and then up the street. She was so nice to walk with us until we found our way.

Then it was TTC and Go Train during rush hour to get home.
My feet so much! But Nick got all checked out and had a fun day

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