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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Our new addition

We have a new member of our family!

Her name is Aurora, but we are going to call her Rory for short (and it's easier for her to learn). She is a Bernese Mountain Dog (just like Sammie) and she is 8 weeks old.

We got her from a breeder up at the cottage, Mount Magic and have been getting updates every week for over a month, and counting down the days until we can  get her.
We decided to introduce Sammie to his new sister at a neutral location, a local park.

He wasn't all that impressed with her.

That's ok, She made up for it by looking really cute.

This was the closest she could come

When we got Sammie we didn't have any children, but we remember the nipping and the tearing up the toys. And Sam actually ate our wall.... 4 times. So we were ready with lots of toys, and practicing with the kids that she will be nippy and she doesn't mean to hurt you, but she is playing and is only a baby

It was fun to go shopping for her, and buy all kinds of pink-girly toys collar, bowl and leash. Yes, we went all girly!

Nick has been really enjoying her and walking with her. She likes to go underneath his walker as he is walking, and tries to eat his wheels.

Once we got home the kids really like cuddling with her

I think someone is in love

She is really good. An excited puppy, but also loving and playing and still cuddly.

 Even Sammie is starting to come around

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