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Monday, August 10, 2015

Easter Seals Camp - Camp Fun

Every day at camp is time for everyone at camp to get together and have fun.
Each day they had different themed activities and kids would go to different stations and try different things.

One of the days was a circus theme.

Nick's favorite was the cotton candy

Katheryn liked the facepainting

Nick is a Captain America minion, and Katheryn is batgirl

They had some medieval knights and sword fighting

One day was full of water fun.
Including a water slide!
This was definitely Katheryn's favorite

Nick wasn't too sure about it

He preferred resting and relaxing in the pool

That way everyone would come to him

Katheryn just liked getting wet

Another day was a whole camp challenge.
We were the green team

Everyone had to compete in challenges. And everyone had to do one challenge to win
I don't remember who won (I know it wasn't us), but we did have lots of fun

Every night was a campfire.
Katheryn liked just sitting and playing in the dirt

But Nick got really into it

During campfire there was lots of entertainment and songs.

The list night is a talent show.
We weren't prepared for the talent show the first time we came, but we had talked about it this year.

Nick wanted to sing O Canada.

When it was time to go out. Nick was very nervous
Look at all those people

For such a shy boy he did a FANTASTIC job!

I was so proud of him!

The Camp events are a really fun way to get everyone involved and realize how much of a community you are a part of. And of course they are fun

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