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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Easter Seals Camp - Parent and Family Time

Part of Easter Seals camp is that it involves the whole family. Including the parents.
So there are parent-only activities to do.
My favorite was the rock climbing.
I made it to the top and got to ring the bell (even if it was on the easy side)
And Kyle didn't want to try. But thats ok

After the adults all tried climbing, we all headed towards the sports wheelchairs and tried a game of wheelchair basketball

 We also did some parent-only archery and crossbow. (But I can't seem to find any of my pictures).
Really cool to shoot a cross-bow.

Another thing that was a favorite of mine, that I did by myself was pottery.
With a pottery wheel. Just like in Ghost.
The other moms who were there said that to the instructor, and she didn't understand the reference. (That made me feel old).
But this is my pottery cup. I think it was good for my first try

Kyle enjoyed the lookout and having some quiet time

Another favorite session was dress-up.
We got to try on different costumes, and if you are going to dress up, you need to take some family pictures!

 This was my favorite picture
And even though Iron Man doesn't look happy,

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