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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Easter Seals Camp - Campgrounds

We have been blessed with the opportunity to go to Family Easter Seals Camp again.
We went 2 years ago (without Kyle) and the kids had so much fun!
But they were young, and Nick doesn't remember it that well.

This year we were up on the hill. Which means that we are in the newer building, which was beautiful. But it also meant that we were on the top of the hill. And most things are at the bottom of the hill...

But it was good exercise

This is our room. We had 4 beds in 4 corners and lots of room. And a couple of big windows.

The kids were so happy with all of our space.
The first thing Nick did was go next door and make friends with the family next door. There were 3 families in our 'cabin'. And one large bathroom with stalls and showers.

Every night there is a parent-only option and the councilors. So we would get the kids ready for bed, and then the councilors would get them all charged up playing games.

Do these kids look ready for bed?

We did have a gorgeous view of the sunset.

And this is our view from the balcony (did I mention we had a balcony we shared with one other cabin)

The food was good. We had councilors sit with us every meal. Katheryn liked showing off

The food was good. But there were definitely some favorites

 Every morning there was a flag raising. It was before breakfast, and we are not good with getting there early. But we wanted to do the flag raising at least one day.

There is a schedule for events that are posted every day. There is a set time for the meals, but you didn't have to be there on time, you just had to leave by a certain time. There was lots of time and no need to hurry for anything

After meals usually everyone went onto the lawn and played games to pass the time.

 Or we just relaxed and explored. Katheryn loved these glass windows!

There was lots to see and explore.
And all of these wood carvings!

Woodeden has a lot of nature and forest around. There was lots of room to move around (including hills) but it was nice being so close to nature and away to technology (other than my camera phone)

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