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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nick's new wheels ...coming soon

It is hard to believe but it is time to look for a new wheelchair.
It's been 3 years with the one that Nick has right now. He is outgrowing what he has. And he really, really hates it.

I was reading over my post from 3 year ago and my feelings about the wheelchair and it's uses at that time. Now this post was raw feelings about a wheelchair, as a wheelchair. Not feelings about a wheelchair as a way for Nick to move around.

The thing is, is that Nick doesn't like his current wheelchair. So he doesn't like moving it around himself. I have to beg and plead for him to move. I have never seen him racing down the street or hall in his chair. I have seen him move, I have seen him go places with it, but never racing. Never having fun moving in it. He might have fun sitting in it. 

I feed into this. I know that I do and I still do it. I push it, I treat his chair more like a stroller he can move as he wants to, than a chair he must move around himself. At school they have been trialing a smaller and lighter chair. And Nick has been liking it, and moving it.

This new wheelchair that we have ordered, the Tsunami, is lighter (11 lbs to the Quickie 25 lbs). It is a rigid frame and can't fold up, but I think in 3 years we only folded up Nick's chair once.
It will have lighter wheels (that we need to keep pumped up). It will also have the single handle on the back that can be lowered (or removed).
No arm rails, which keeps it lighter. As well arm rails is something that Nick uses so he doesn't have to push.

There will be a small neck rest. This was brought up for bus rides. When Nick is on the bus he rides in his wheelchair. If the bus were to be in an accident and the seat sits below his shoulders there is no support for his head. Imagine yourself in an accident, whiplash, but if there is no seat (or headrest) there is no support for the back of your head. So we got a headrest (but I think we'll remove it otherwise).

So it will be lighter, easier for Nick to move himself (and I told him that is the expectation). Of course it will be orange. AND most exciting of all. It will be good for sports.
We are still about a year out of Nick being old enough for the adapted sports that are in the area, but this chair will work great for whatever we choose to do.

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