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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


OK OK so I've been a bit lax updating this thing.

I'm officially on maternity leave (from work) - still slugging away on my MRP project for school. Katheryn really enjoyed visiting all of her family on Thanksgiving weekend and we're working on getting her learning more words. 18 months is such a milestone!

Nickolas news - I find out on Friday when our c-section will be.
I did have a visit at Mt Sinai in September and had another ultrasound, everything is still there (yes the other ultrasound place is garbage), but no hydro and everything is progressing well. Nickolas' head remains small, but that does not seem to be unusual.

This Friday I should have some more answers, have a date, meet with the pediatrician and know some kind of a game plan. I'll keep everyone posted (now that I know this blog is actually being read).

We are trying to get ready on the room - 34 weeks and no nursery yet - I'm getting a little nervous about that one. We have some clothes in the closet and the cradle - so really what else do we need right away. I have a bunch of one-peice outfits for 0-3 months, no waistbands because of the scar and no elastic bands because of the latex allergy. I need to look at more latex-free stuff. Spina bifida is associated with latex allergies and so it's assumed he will have a latex allergy and we need to look at labels!

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