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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pumpkin Hunter!

We told the kids last night that we were going to pick up some pumpkins.
They were really excited!!

We wanted to do the whole experience, not just find a random pumpkin patch. So we looked up a couple of our local farms and decided on Whittamore's. They have a whole Pumpkin land area.
I was hesitant at first. Kyle and I decided that Nick was walking in his walker and I didn't want him to get stuck or have difficulty moving around in areas.

The first thing they kids saw was the bouncy castle! (Or I should say farm). Katheryn went right in. And of course Nick wanted to follow. After thinking about it for a bit, and seeing how open it was, and that there weren't any really big kids in it, I decided that Nick could go on it.

Off he went crawling around.

And he did have fun, until he fell over onto his back, and couldn't get his knees back under him. The attendant rescued him. No tears, nothing. Nick just told me he was done and wanted to look at something else.

The idea was to get really big pumpkins! But then the kids saw the little ones and decided that they could carry their own pumpkins and wanted small ones in stead (and somehow Mommy, Daddy and Grandma lost our ability to say no)

Nick was really excited that he got to carry one too...

But then it started to get heavy...

Problem solved!

We had a little lunch break

And we raced some rubber duckies!
Katheryn and Nickolas both won (Katheryn has gotten significantly better when she loses)

And then we decided to look at the big pumpkins!!!
I think this is what they were waiting for!

And what the point of going if you can't get a family picture!
(It was a little windy and cold)

And then we loaded all the pumpkins in!
We have a future movie star here (there was a camera from CTV that got a clip of Katheryn)

And then the kids were tired and cold and were ready to load up and go!
(Did you miss the part about not being able to say no - we got 10 pumpkins of various sizes)

A very successful pumpkin hunt!!

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