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Thursday, October 4, 2012


 Nickolas has become a rockstar!
He is singing and dancing and working any type of drums he can (literally) get his hands on!
Some of his talent has gone to his head (as you can hear), he is aware of his star power!

Nick will climb on anything so he can make more noise with is hands.
SHHHH he's getting a drum set for his birthday (I can't believe we asked for it).

Nick already has the beginning of a fan-base. You can hear Katheryn cheering him on at the end. And he's dancing (he dances with his eyes screwed shut). And singing his favorite song EVER! (From Jake and the Neverland Pirates).
I'm always looking for magical musical talent in my kids, Katheryn has a number of different piano's and keyboards, some flutes, a xylophone and they are always making some kind of noise. I'm considering a guitar or 2 for them as well.
We are definitely not a quiet household!

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