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Monday, October 15, 2012

A little pixie dust

We were surprised at physio today that a harness (a super-hero suit) for Nick, and other preschool kids, had arrived, and Nickolas got to be the first one to try it out!
It got to hook to a cool contraption that could go up and down and help to hold Nick so he could walk without using his arms. It didn't take much coaxing to get him started

And then we got to do the fun work!
We were treasure hunting like pirates!

Nick walked faster and then we went 'up the hill' to hunt for some treasure

We must have found some, because Nick got to carry all the treasure down.
(And strangely with his hands full he couldn't hold onto the sides of the treadmill)

Nickolas thought this was great, he didn't think he was working at all!
How fun is it to hunt for treasure and stomp, stomp, stomp

Walking back Nick found that he could lift his feet up and still stay upright!
 And for the title of the post - Pixie dust away!!

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