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Monday, October 8, 2012


It was our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. We tried extra hard to have a good, happy and family oriented thanksgiving, while remembering and being thankful for the influence and love of someone who wasn't there.
We were thankful for the excitement that Nickolas has from being independent!
Wanting to do everything himself.

I'm thankful for Nick's inquisitive nature!
What is all these leaves doing here?!

For his determination to work things through, and having fun kicking the leaves

I'm thankful that Katheryn has never stopped asking questions and exploring

Nick has been enjoying the play set, and his favorite thing is the slide!

 Especially when there is a whole pile of leaves on the bottom!

I've been trying to get Nickolas some kind of carrier for his walker. So far I found a little tool belt that is working so far. Nick can carry his milk and walk at that same time.

We took the opportunity of the beautiful leaves and sun to take some pictures.
Look at that adorable face!
I'm thankful I can look at this every day, and hear him say "I love you mommy"
Something a year ago I wasn't sure I was ever going to hear!

Everyone enjoyed a jump in the pile of leaves!

And throwing leaves at each other!!

We enjoyed 2 thanksgiving dinners with all of our family.
Including a couple of pirates!

We shared some bonding moments (don't need a special day for that)

And we had an opportunity to show off our crazy side!!!

Thanksgiving gives us a day to be together and just think about how thankful we are to be together, to be ourselves, to enjoy ourselves and just be thankful that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

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