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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Today is the day! Halloween!
The kids were very excited to dress up and go to a Halloween party

Both of them LOVED their costumes and wanted to keep them on all day/night!

I even got out some makeup. It is supposed to be a stencil, but it didn't work so I tried free-handing it from the picture on the box (it's supposed to be a butterfly)

Katheryn had absolutely no desire to take her 'carriage' out trick or treating, but she did pose for a picture in costume.

It was damp but not really raining that much when we started out.

Took some time to pose for some pictures on the front line.
My niece Madison (who is lalaloopsie) came trick or treating with us
I have no idea why Katheryn is making such funny faces...
It probably had something to do with 3 camera's pointed at her (and saying we couldn't leave yet)

And a quick picture with me

And we were off!

They girls were very excited to shout trick or treat.
And we had to collect Nick's candy for him.
There wasn't a single house where Nick could actually go up to the door for candy himself. We got him to yell out trick or treat! Just one of those things you need to problem solve.

He didn't seem to mind. He liked carrying his bag that was getting heavier and heavier.
And they kids eventually started to lose their steam.
It never started to really rain, but it was misting/spitting and we all got very damp (again I was really glad all of Nick's ship was waterproof).

And then we were home again!
Bags were full, kids were tired and wet

The kids took stock of their goodies

Then Katheryn took over handing out the candy

When we asked her what she liked better, handing out candy or giving candy she said she liked handing it out better!

So did the kids she handed it out to! Each kid got gigantic handfuls of candy when they came to the door (and we still have a ton left over!)

Now to think of what we'll do next Halloween...

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  1. You are FAST! Geez, I haven't even stopped eating candy long enough to go through my pictures ;) So lucky you guys didn't get bad rain and glad they had fun!