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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Jolly Walker

Halloween is such a creative time of year.
I can come up with fun ideas for costumes that we only get to wear for a couple of hours!
Like a whole family of Little Red Riding Hood (2009) and Princess with her Knight (2010)

This year Nickolas has asked to be a pirate!
So using ideas  from a couple of online friends (Cassie and Leah), as well as google I found some  inspiration.

I could totally do a pirate ship!

Because I'll want to post pictures after Halloween I thought I'd post about our progress so far and how we made our walker/wheeler-pirate ship. (It took just 1 whole day, some of it just sitting and staring at the walker trying to figure out how things would go together).
I also thought that I might be able to provide a bit of inspiration to others who aren't sure where to start.

I started with the walker. I thought it would be easier, but first I needed to start with an idea...

I wanted to do a walker and a wheelchair costume, but be able to have parts cross between the 2 costumes. The flag, treasure chest, spy glass and anything else I can think of.

We have a pirate flag coming, so far this is our stand in.
A broom stick, duct tape, coat hanger and some fabric made a pretty good sail.

And it fit in place well.

There was some debate about what to actually make the ship from.
Originally I was going to just paint and glue together the cardboard. But then I started to worry about the weather at the end of October and how pained cardboard would stand up to rain or dampness.
And since we were talking about black, I had a whole box full of black plastic covers under the sink!

Garbage bags and duct tape helped to keep everything together, and even Nick's new treasure chest backpack kept everything in place on the walker.
I was able to get black and pirate duct tape at the store.

I know that duct tape contains latex, as long as it is holding things together and Nick has long sleeves I think it will be ok.

After we got the body of the boat together we just needed to add the extras.
The treasure chest, a spy glass, sword, some decoration

Put it all together and we got a sneak peak of a pirate ship!

Can't forget to add the pirate!

I have 3 pictures with this exact same expression! It is Nick saying "Arr"

That's all the walker preview you get until the full reveal at Halloween, I have a couple of more ideas to make it look for pirate-ey and more like a boat.
I can't forget to add the Pirate Boat name too! The Jolly Walker

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