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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Jolly Wheeler

I always knew I was going to do 2 costumes for Nickolas. The walker and the wheelchair, to leave his options open about how we would actually roam the streets Halloween night. But also to hopefully attend some Halloween events.
So like everything, I started off with a simple idea.
I wasn't sure how to start.
I knew I needed a lot of cardboard, and had already decided to cover it with garbage bags instead of painting (in case of rain), but needed to go searching for the right size box.
Katheryn helped us to do some searching

And we found it!
Taped it all up inside

Fit it over the wheelchair
(Perfect fit)

Kyle cut a hole in it
(I don't think he liked my knife-wielding skills)

It fit perfectly!!!
It doesn't drag on the floor, about 2 inches off.

Then it came time to start decorating it
I always wanted the wheelchair one to have the waves lapping - which ended up working perfectly with the shape of the garbage bags.

Nick got to try it out!
Yo Ho Anchors Away!

Nick loved it!The question now is how to get him NOT to play with it for the next 2 weeks!

This is the end of the sneak peak, there is much more I still want to add to make it more pirate-ship like. And there are some things I think I want to change to make it look better. So there is still more to do! But I think it turned out pretty much like what I had in my head!
Nick decided to celebrate his new ship with a visit to the pirate apple juice bar!
The wheelchair costume didn't take long - this one actually only took about 2 hours, maybe less, and because the box is so thick we were able to staple some of the things on instead of using tape - which was a big plus.
But I have a list of things to add on as well, the flag pole, telescope, treasure chest and parrot can change between the walker and the wheelchair, but also port holes, steering wheel, anchor, I'm sure I'm missing stuff...

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  1. So.... I'm glad you posted first so that I could just copy you. ;) LOL! Um, I'm only half kidding. I want to figure out a way that King can still use his wheels. This costume stuff is tricky. I'm very glad it only took you two hours because I still haven't even started. I have a lot of boxes though! :)