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Sunday, May 11, 2014

'Lil Bikers

We pulled out the bikes this weekend to try them out at Grandma Ridding's house (Katheryn got a new bike now that her collar bone is healed).
First we practiced in the backyard until they were ready for the street.
Pretty soon we were ready to get moving!

This is the bike that we got for Nick last year. We didn't use it as much as we wanted to, it was still a bit big this year but it fits him a lot better now.
It has a couple of features like a seat with a back, seat belt, pedals with foot support and Velcro, and direct-drive so it is easier to push. No parent handle, so we just push him using the seat and of course training wheels. They are a bit thicker than Katheryn's training wheels.

The kids had a great time, I was pushing Nick around, Katheryn was off doing her own riding around in a circle (no cars).
Then we decided to see what Nick could do himself, without us pushing!
He was pedaling on his own, starting... and if you watch the video... but needing some help to stop.

And Katheryn was getting used to her bigger bike too!

They had so much fun! It was a great Mother's Day gift to see them enjoying their bikes so much!
By the way, in the video you can see all of the branches and tree limbs left over from the December ice storm.

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