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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Walking to school

Nick wanted to walk to the bus stop today with his backpack

He did it the whole way to Katheryn's bus stop.
He is getting stronger with his crutches.

I don't think he is as strong/stable as he was when he took his first steps. But that is something we are working on. A part of me thinks he might never be able to do this again. I had hoped after the surgery we would be back to that point quickly. But we aren't.
And if he doesn't get back to taking independent steps it will make me sad, but it isn't the end of the world. He is stronger with his crutches. Especially with the higher braces on (which I don't hate as much as I used to). And on the weekends we take the tops of his braces and he is still able to walk with his crutches, but he is a little floppier.

Oops, I just hijacked a post about walking to school...

Last week while we were waiting for Katheryn's bus Nick wanted to get out of his chair and practice standing. When the bus pulled up I could hear a lot of the kids in the bus cheering for Nick (a bunch of kids in his class are on Katheryn's bus). And Katheryn got off and yelled "He does that at home!"
Nick was so proud of himself.
And if that is what he wants to do, then go for it boy!

Today he wanted to walk and run to the bus. So he did.

Yesterday coming home he wanted to be in his chair and his crutches.
I thought it was weird, but whatever. But then I realized that Katheryn and Nick were playing sledge hockey, and Nick was pushing himself in his 'sledge' while Katheryn was the coach

 They went the whole way from Jenn's to our house like that.
Now it just needs to translate on the ice!

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