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Monday, August 31, 2009

Holding Pattern

28 weeks now. It seems to be going to quickly and so slowly at the same time. It seems like we are in a holding pattern right now. When we found out about the spina bifida everything moved so fast, but now nothing.
I've kept going to Dr Samra, but I know that I'll starting going to a specialist at Mt Sinai soon, but I don't know when or who. We are kinda of stuck. We go for another ultrasound this week to look/check for hydrocephalus ("water on the brain") which is the next big thing we need to worry about. In July it hadn't developed yet, but can develop very quickly at any time (or not at all). It would effect when we expect to deliver. I don't know if we should have done ultrasounds yet, but if it was there and was large - we aren't going to deliver at 26 weeks, or 28 weeks either.

I am always amazed when people say how brave we are being. It doesn't seem like we are being brave. We aren't doing anything especially courageous, we are dealing with what life has sent us. We are fighting for and loving our child.

So I don't actually have much more news. Nickolas moves around ALL the TIME! (I'm not complaining) and everywhere. He is probably breech, or flipping back and forth, up and down.

We are going to start on the nursery soon. I have plans and paint chips, but of course it is still filled with our computer room crap. But we have time (hopefully), 28 weeks is a big milestone to meet, next is 32 weeks, but of course I still 39 weeks in my head. And that is what my timeline for my research project states (yes I'm trying to finish my Masters before the baby comes - I know I'm crazy).

Katheryn has become our next artist. Drawing all over paper, magnets, floors, herself, her parents - not the walls (yet). And Kyle is just waiting for her to hit 20 lbs so she can go in her new car -big girl - seat.
She is such a monkey!

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