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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Campbell's School

We found out this week that Nickolas got accepted into the Campbell's School in September.

This takes a huge load off of my shoulders!

All the worrying about how to make the school identify and care about Nickolas' needs, make sure the school or classroom at least is completely accessible. What is a IEP, what school boards have to say, special needs teachers and legislation.
The resources and information that I poured over in November.
I don't have to do it all by myself now.

This is what the school does. This is the type of school for parents to transition.
They know the information, they know.
The classroom is accessible, the whole school is accessible. (Even if they don't know how to spell Nickolas)

All of that is a bonus.

Now we can just concentrate on the learning.

I have been happy that Nickolas got into the school. I have heard very positive things about the school. It will be so great for him, it is the place where he has the most conducive environment, with the most opportunities for him to reach his maximum potential.

But the kids will be separated for this year, be in a different school with different teachers, it makes me sad. It is so great that both kids are only 1 school year apart, and they won't get that for this year, which makes me sad. But it is only a single year, in 14 years of school that is ahead of them.
There are things about spina bifida that make me sad/mad and the need for my kids to be separated for each to have the best opportunity is one of those things.

But it is one of those things that just come with the territory. And so I look past my feelings and look at what is the best thing. And it is Campbell's School, without a doubt.
So I am happy that he got in. I am so happy that we have this opportunity, that it is even an option.
And that with this opportunity we can take away the fact that spina bifida and hydrocephalus creates challenges and focus solely on education and learning, along with socialization and therapy.

So in the end, I'm happy. We all are.

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