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Friday, January 3, 2014

Brr It's cold outside!

One of the great things about spending a couple of days at the cottage, is the snow
Katheryn has been dying to go outside and play in the snow!

So we all bundled ourselves up, got out the sleds and were all excited to go!

Even Nick wanted to go and play in the snow

For about 5 minutes

We had the sled all ready for the kids to go in.
But the snow didn't let anything slide on it.
So there was snow-trekking

And snow throwing

And burying mommy

Katheryn didn't mind the cold at all

But pretty soon this face was coming out (this picture is from new years)
He didn't want to go out on the sled, or play in the snow

So we went in for some promised hot chocolate!

And Nick watched the rest of the play from here
And was happy about it

Believe it or not, this -19C day was the warmest of the week!
On our day we went home, this is what we had in the morning!

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