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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Walker-free time

Nickolas has been doing great with his walking. He wants to practice at least every day doing some independent stepping. We still need to remind him to get his balance in between steps, but he is still doing it.
We had to take 2 weeks off without the 'K' part of his braces because of 2 sores that weren't healing. And without the K he doesn't feel as stable (but he still wanted to try). But once we got them back on he was ready to get started again.
And then I thought...
What he really needs to help him get more stable in between his stepping is something he can hold on to. Like his crutches.
Nick was not very happy about this. He is afraid of his crutches and he says they make him fall. But now he has the ability to stand and remain standing and stepping without the crutches.
But of course his walker is easier for him
So we decided to have a walker-free Winter vacation.
It brought back memories of making Nick workout in his walker. And I told that to Nick. He used to cry and scream and not want to walk, and now he flies in his walker.
So now he has to learn and gain strength in his crutches. Because I know he can do it. I know he has the ability to walk with his crutches.
Nickolas was not very happy about it

But after a couple of days (and some falls and getting right back up) he was getting more comfortable using his crutches. He is still asking for his walker back, but there are places his crutches can go that his walker can't.

And after a week of walker-free days Nick is much more comfortable with his crutches. He is gaining confidence that he can do it!


We even duct-taped a cup to the side so that he can carry around toys or something.
And it opens up his options. When his walker can't fit, or when we have his wheelchair with us (like going downtown) and he wants to walk around, it gives him an option rather than crawl on the floor.

Will he be able to ditch the walker and walk only with crutches? I don't know. Probably not, but can he ditch crawling on the floor and walk with crutches? Definitely! (If and when he wants to)

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