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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Our Christmas tree

It was time for our annual Christmas tree hunt! Where we go out to a tree farm and cut down our Christmas tree. This year it was Katheryn's turn to find a tree.
I thought that this year Nick would go in the wheelchair. There wasn't any snow on the ground so I thought we would be able to manage it. Last year Nick went in the wagon and he didn't like it.
But this year he wanted to go in the wagon.


Katheryn found the tree she wanted and stuck to it!
It was just as wide as it was tall!

After some renovations in our family room we had changed the corner that the tree goes in to.
The kids were very excited to start decorating and were off to a great start.
They fizzled out after about 30 minutes and then I go to finish it all off

They were really excited finding any of the decorations that they had made or that had their name on it from other years.
Rory wasn't really sure what to make of a tree in the house

I think that our tree with year is Perfect!

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