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Thursday, December 22, 2016

All ready for winter!

A month ago when we got our first snow fall, I ordered a lap cover for Nick in his wheelchair.
The day of Nick's school trip in the forest (I don't have any pictures, but Nick said they had a special sled for him, and he fully participated and had lots and lots of fun), the cover came.

This is exactly what I ordered:

It fits well on Nick's lap, and I fold the excess underneath his feet.
It is fleece lined, and keeps his legs warm and it is waterproof. So it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

It does have some room for improvement. The sides rub against the wheels of the chair. So I am always pushing it underneath his legs. There are velcro straps that attach in the back
 but I find the back part bulky. But it fits well over his winter jacket.
And it has to come on and off every time.
If there was a way for it to sit flat on the seat of the chair, and Velcro under the seat, and then come forward to be zippered over the lap I think it would work better.

The Woodpecker version is set up like that; instead of covering over the lap, it covers under the lap and zips at the front. Then you can just get in and out of it, instead of always taking it on and off. But it is also twice as expensive. And I worried Nick might get too hot, with the fleece covering his back.

We have gotten a lot more snow this year, and we are all excited for a white Christmas!
Katheryn loves climbing on all of the snow banks

Nick wanted to get out and place in the snow when he got home from school today. So put his snowpants on over his winter jacket and threw him in.

It was nice having all of the snow in December, when we still enjoy it. Instead of February when we are waiting for spring to come.

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