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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Nickolas the Walker!

So Nick has been very comfortable walking with his crutches up. We saw a couple of weeks ago, him taking 16 steps down the driveway.

When we are waiting at the bus stop for Katheryn in the afternoon, and Nick wants out of his chair, we will do some standing

He likes doing it (even though he doesn't show it in the picture). And the kids on the bus cheer him on (many of the kids are in his class at school).

So I decided I would take away his crutch... literally... and see what he could do
I wanted him to walking across the room. For real. To me

Off video, I actually have him stopping in the middle of the room and starting again. This to me, shows that he has control and isn't just using momentum!

I actually made him work hard for the video! We did it over and over again, back and forth.
Katheryn really go into being a cheerleader to him!
Presenting him and calling him a walker!

So this is it! I am calling it!
7 years old and 5 months old, and 10 months after his back surgery.
Real steps! Nick is walking!!!!!!!!!

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