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Monday, November 30, 2009


So we actually made it home yesterday!

Nickolas is such an amazing baby. He has gone through so much in such a short time.
His back surgery went well, it is healing (a little slowly) and he is on antibiotics. We went from being told we were staying longer becasue he had an infection and talking about putting in a picc line, to taking out the iv and going home on oral antibiotics!

The hospital stay was hectic. I didn't get to visit for almost a week because I had H1N1 (but felt fine, just a little cold). And then I couldn't drive, because of the c-section so I had to get my parents to come out and pick me up, look after Katheryn or bring her to daycare and then make our way downtown (we usually got there for 11am). On the weekend I was able to stay down there, it is interesting spending so much time in a hospital and not being sick and not working. I was glad to be home in my own bed, but sad to leave Nickolas. The only good thing was how wonderful all the nurses were and how well cared for he was, and how good he was doing.

Yestarday he had a head and abdo ultrasound, everything looked good and we packed up and (slowly) made it home during rush hour. Nickolas can't be on his back yet, so physio came and put a foam pad in his carseat and he can be in that for up to 1 hour. It takes 2 hours to get home during rush hour so we made a half way pit-stop to show him off to grandma and grandpa Ridding.

We also have a homecare nurse coming to look at the dressings and the caths. We are cathing him every 6 hours.
The first night home was a bit rough. The middle of night caths and diaper changes and feedings were not fun. The most I can complain about is that he likes to kick, poop and pee on me when I change him - and I can't even complain about that - there was a good chance he would not be able to do that.

So Nickolas is doing tremendous! He has full movement all the way down to his feet and even then he can flex but not extend him, and he can move his toes as well. This is so much better than we hoped for!! The exercises I got from physio - play with his feet.

Katheryn is in love with her little brother! - She calls him "Niii", she doens't get the 'ck' yet, but we will work on it. She also likes to pet his head and kiss him.

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