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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Introducing Nickolas

Hi Everyone,
This is Amanda's sister Laura, Amanda is still in the hospital for a few days and asked me to update this for everyone.

Nickolas was born on Friday November 13th at 12:51 and weighed 7lbs 9oz. Both Mom and baby are doing well. Amanda is recovering well from surgery (c-section) and was up and walking late last night and again today. Nickolas was moved to Sick Kids hospital yesterday and went for surgery this morning around 11:30. Nickolas' surgery is on his back to put the spinal cord back into it's normal position and close the vertebrae over the damaged area. The doctors have reported that the back surgery went well, they are just finishing up to close the opening. He should be out in recovery momentarily. Nickolas will have to lay on his front and side for the next while until the incision is healed and he should be able to go home in about 2 weeks. He is moving his hips, knees and ankles but more time and study is needed to really asses the situation.

Congratulations Amanda & Kyle on your beautiful son Nickolas!

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