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Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Knights Tale

We got the chance to go to Medieval Times with the kids! (Thanks Grandma Ridding)
So of course we had to pull out our knight and princess costumes

Nick has been ighting his wheelchair lately, but we knew it would be way too busy for his walker, and we wanted his energy to be on fun, not on walking.
We had the canes with the wheelchair as a compromise

The kids got spoiled with all of the props and toys we could get them
Exploring all of the castle atmosphere before the show

We were the yellow knight, and got to sit right at the very front

Nick was amazed, I think his mouth was open for the whole show. 
Just watching all of the knights and the horses!

And they had alot of fun waving their flags and cheering!

Even if our knight didn't win

Every knight picks a queen of the tournament.
They give out flowers, but then at the end, the knight has a ribbon that they put on their lance for one person in the audience.
And Katheryn got the ribbon!
She was very excited, and very shy about it (she wouldn't look at the knight afterwards) but proudly wore the ribbon as a sash

After the show the kids stayed in character!

 They are very excited and want to go back!

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