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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Losing the "K"

So after our appointment, Kyle got out his tools and off came the knee attachment from Nick's braces!

 Still straight!

It hasn't held Nick back at all.
He is still standing up straight (not like last year) when we needed it to begin with.
I am so happy about that!
It doesn't do anything about his feet turning in though, so we are going to deal with that in the spring (for now I'm kicking that monster back under the bed)

We had our orthodics appointment today, the one I've been asking and preparing for since October.
I was disappointed, and so was Nick.

We had talked about new braces, and what design he was going to get.
But when we actually got there, the orthodist thought he could make some adjustments to his braces to make them last longer. (and without the 'K' part, it does fit better). But if they are working, I can't really argue that he needs another pair just because it has been a year.
It was just a surprise that he wasn't actually due to get more.
Nick didn't understand why he wasn't getting his backyardigan braces though.
But at least we have our design all ready for the spring.

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