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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ice Storm

Toronto and area was hit by an ice storm.
Covering everything in a thick layer of ice.

Needing to chip off all of the ice before getting into your car (and trying not to scratch the car as you are going at it with a snow brush)

What little trees we have are all covered in ice too

Luckily we don't have very many trees. And our neighborhood is only 7 years old, so no mature trees to fall down on cars or hydo lines.

Our dog loved it, and the kids stayed inside

Many, many people lost power and spent hours or days in the dark without power.
Everyone we knew lost power at some time
We lost power for only about 12 hours.

 Many other families have been without power for days (and writing this a couple of days later, some families got power back after 5 days.... some are still without power).

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