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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last day of school

Today is Nick’s last day of school.

School has been good this year. I was worried about it, about giving up control and trusting someone else to do it.
I spent 4 years being in charge of everything, spina bifida related especially, and then you send your child off to school and give some of that control over. School involves a lot more than just putting your kid on a bus and waving good-bye.

There were all kinds of considerations and worries that I had in September. The bus was my first challenge to get over. Your child must be able to get up and down the stairs independently to ride the bus without a wheelchair. So Nick took the wheelchair every day (even days I forgot it in my car after a night shift and I have to take him in myself).
In the end his bus driver was amazing and I wasn't worried at all.

Then is the question about mobility in the school. How will your child move around the school? Is the classroom accessible? Is there enough space for a walker or wheelchair to move around? Now the bathroom question. Catheterizing, who and when and how are they trained to do it.

Again, Campbell's is built for kids with walkers (and more) and has all the space needed.

There is the social aspect of schooling, including the fact that your child might be the only one with diapers. Can he keep up with his peers? Will his classmates be accepting? Will you child be social or shy? What/who assistants does Nick need to have in the classroom? And therapy. Nick continues to have his 3 therapies (OT, PT, ST).
The social part we had more trouble with, especially around the diaper issues.

In the end Nick had 3 really great friends that he talked about all the time.

And today is the big day.
Graduation Day

Because not every child is returning in the next school year. The last day of school is a graduation for all of the kids.

And Nick walked all the way up with his canes for his certificate
Nickolas was very proud of himself!
And even though he is returning next year it was great to see him so excited about graduating into SK.
He said good-bye to all of his teachers and his friends.

But it was hard that he didn't really get that he might never see his 3 best friends again. But next year will bring new best friends, and grade 1 will brings friends in his home school.

We were teasing Katheryn that since Nick finished on the Thursday, and she finishes tomorrow on the Friday, that they are both SK's now.
She didn't think it was as funny as Kyle and I did.

Now it is getting ready for all of our fun and excitement over the summer

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