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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Our 5th Annual Spirit Wheel Walk Run

We had our 5th annual Spirit Wheel Walk Run. I think that it was successful. And we actually had 3 people who were born with spina bifida with us (and met a 4th person at the park, spontaneously as well). Charmaine and her husband Anthony were both born with spina bifida and their daughter (who does not have spina bifida) were able to join us this year.
As well as 2 conductors from March of Dimes (and their big dog) came out to join us as well!
Nick was very excited to see other people using a wheelchair and crutches "just like me"
We had about 25 people who came out. One of the better turn outs from other years. 

We have a very laid back wheel/walk/run. We take a group picture, start walking, take some more pictures

Here are the 2 conductors from the conductive Education through March of Dimes. They hadn't met Nick, but heard about the walk and wanted to come out and support us

Even my brother-in-law with his hurt back walked for abut 5 minutes

And Katheryn was attached to Hannah

And Nick liked wheeling with Anthony.

 We got our family photo at the half-way, turnaround time.

Then it was on our way back for the picnic and splashpad.

Fun, family friendly and no big fuss.

We had a couple of picnic tables set up (but our stay-back helpers, my mother-in-law and uncle-in-law), we put out our banner and get down to chatting!

  The kids had fun in the sun and the splash pad

This was about as close as Nick wanted to go in the water

But Katheryn was all about getting wet!

  This was the park where another little girl born with spina bifida was there enjoying the park with her family. The family came over to Charmaine and was talking to her and we all found out we were all part of the spina bifida family.
I had some cards and a pamphlet I gave her mother. I love connecting to people like that
We did have some people stop and ask us questions on the walk. I had some pamphlets all ready, and I really think that we educated some people today!

For the fundraising aspect of it, I think we met my goal of $1000. I don't have a grand total yet, I'll tally it all up in a couple of weeks. But you can donate up until the end of July 

Another great year of showing off my kid and saying that This is what spina bifida looks like!

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