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Monday, January 12, 2015

Education Information

I have been looking at psychoeducation testing for a while.
A way to understand if Nick understands things differently, how he can learn and what we can do to help. It can also help to diagnose learning disability (there are some learning disabilities associated with spina bifida and hydrocephalus) as well as improving study habits and school skills. We all know that the sooner you get a diagnosis the better.

A psycho-education assessment looks at learning and academic skills. Academic skills are reading, writing, math, spelling, listening and oral skills. All of the stuff that you use in school that gives you grades.

The psychological part includes intelligence, language skills, memory, how you learn (verbal and visual), concentration, planning, reflective response and eye-hand coordination.This is all stuff that helps you with your own way of learning.

So that is great to be able to assess all of this stuff. But how do they collect that information?

We have 2 appointments next month with the psychologist as part of the spina bifida clinic. We have it divided up into 2 days so that Nick doesn't get overwhelmed.
There will be one-on-one with the psychologist, a written questionnaire we have been left with for Kyle and me to complete as well as his teacher. I'm trying to go with an open mind to information-collect.

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