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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Therapy Progression - Speech

Nick's speech is amazing. He is inquisitive and asks about words and why we say different things.
He has the funniest expressions. My favorite right now "I did not see that coming"

He also likes to say bad words. Whisper them really, because he knows they are bad. "What the heck" is the extent of his 'swear words'. And I think that he picked it up from Ninja Turtles (Thanks Raf).
But like I did for the physiotherapy and how far we have come. I want to look at how far Nick has come with his speech.

This is the boy that didn't speak for 2 years.
And I worried and worried. Got him in speech therapy with his sister early, and he just wouldn't speak. He was very happy to just play quietly, watch and listen (and laugh)
It was 18 months before he even started to babble!
(This video is from May 2011)

Katheryn also did speech therapy, and she was Nick's greatest supporter.
There were times that I caught Katheryn coaching Nick to say words "Say Daddy Nick, say da-da-daddy"
Once he started to make sounds you could tell that he was excited to show off! (This video is from July 2011)

Just after Nick turned 2 he would talk, but he wouldn't always answer the question you were asking. Every colour was blue, every number was four. 

And then he finally started to explore his vocabulary (around the same time he got his first wheelchair). And if you watch the video from April 2012 you can hear that attitude and personality that we always knew was in there.

After Nick's words started coming, then it was working on the sounds. But that wasn't really anything new with us. The same sounds Katheryn needed help with, so did Nickolas.

Last year Nick got distracted too easily in group speech therapy. He was quiet and he was shy.

Speech therapy progression showed what we already knew. He is getting more comfortable and overcoming at least part of his shyness. And he wants to work on his sounds.

L is a big one. Leo Leads. And you can correct him, he will try again to make the right sound. He wants to speak well.

Now he sings, he has favorite songs. This is a video of his favorite song "R-E-D red"

We have made up some other songs, but this one is his favorite, and he will sing it LOUDLY, if he sees anything in the song (i.e. firetrucks).

And recently he has an O-R-A-N-G-E song (which of course is helping with his spelling as well)

When Nick was 18 months old and I worried so much about his language, I had a number of fellow parents (of older kids) who told me it will come. It was really hard to believe them at the time!

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