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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Recharged New Year

To end up our Christmas vacation (which started after Christmas for me) was some time away from everyone and everything.

We had a pile of movies (including all the Harry Potter movies), wii, snow and sleds and lots of warm clothes. We had no plans and the only expectation is to rest and recharge ourselves. And of course have fun

we have our party supplies for new years (along with a ton of finger foods, a bottle of wine and a big prime rib)

We had our treasure hunt, and settled into cottage life. We pulled out our games and had fun

2015 came, we counted down (as close as we could using our phones as a time keeper).

Then it was off to bed (some of us sooner than others)

 New Years Day we all got dressed up to celebrate the start of the year!

At the cottage there has been snow. So we dug out a path for Nick in his walker and all went out, until we got too cold

It wasn't actually that cold, which was nice. Katheryn lasted longer than the rest of us and made herself a snow fort.

We dried off enough wood so that we could have a fire.

And we could even roast some marshmallows

Sammie loves the snow, and I loved the sound of snow crunching (and nothing else)

The snow was one of the best parts of being up at the cottage. Don't have to drive anywhere, don't care about traffic, you shovel what you want to have fun and leave the rest.

And when you get too cold (or your parents drag you inside)... There is hot chocolate and some fun dancing to do.

Our last day was cold and windy.

We couldn't get Nick is his walker down by the lake (they wanted to go down). So Nick went down on the sled.

Once you broke up the ice along the top you had packing snow to make snowballs with!

Nick (and I) went inside earlier for our daily dose of hot chocolate. But Katheryn and Kyle continued to play outside.
I don't think either of them get cold!

Our 5 days away was a great time for the 4 of us (+grandma Ridding for one night). was really great for recharging ourselves. After the bustle of Christmas running around making sure that you see everyone and everyone has fun the time, what we needed was the time to just stop and enjoy ourselves.

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