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Monday, February 2, 2015

Dentist in the OR

Nick's OR day came. For his dental work.

I wasn't sure how to label this for Nick. Is it surgery? Not really, but it is under general anesthesia, in the big operating room. Will we prep the same for surgery? Yes because it doesn't really matter to Nick what happens when he is asleep, he is still going to the OR.

I didn't prep him as much as I did in July. We talked about surgery and watched the Sick Kids video and compared it to his MACE surgery. But we also said that he would not be staying at the hospital, when he wakes up we will go home and he will feel better that night.

We kept him well, and surprising no cough or sickness so far in the new year. We had a plan for Katheryn and ready for us. We knew there was going to be some snow, but I thought it was going to start in the late morning.

Our OR time was 8am, and we needed to be there for 6am.

The morning of surgery we were right smack-dab in the middle of a snow storm. And we weren't sure if Katheryn's bus would be cancelled (it was). So we quickly changed plans and my dad drove down to Sick Kids with  me. 3 hours later we finally arrived (safely).

Everyone was late. They rushed through all of the assessment, with everyone coming to us. And we were still in the OR almost on time. Nick didn't get his time to play on the computer.

The nurse who was admitting us questioned the fact that Nick is on latex precautions. Saying that it is unnecessary because hospitals have removed latex.

Without being rude I still tried to say how that was false. Spina bifida is still associated with latex allergies even with latex removed from invasive surgeries and early care (i.e. catheters). Kids and adults with spina bifida still develop latex allergies, so we use latex precautions.

  • Newborns who need invasive surgery (i.e. Congenital Heart Disease) were often exposed to invasive latex, latex gloves in surgery, very early in their lives and developed latex allergies. When this was discovered they removed latex from surgeries and the latex allergies decreased.... except for spina bifida.

They let me go into the operating room with Nick again this time (all dressed up in white overalls). He was a little bit more nervous this time, but did well. And when he was asleep I went back and waited.

About 2 hours later they were done. They did the x-rays, filled 3 teeth and shaved the sides of 3 of the teeth (eew) that had become too mineralized. They did a full cleaning and made some more space in the front of his teeth so that  there is less space for cavities.

He didn't wake up from the anesthetic very well. A lot of crying and "I want mommy" I wanted to climb onto the stretcher with him. He drank a little and then we were able to leave. Nick wasn't happy that we had to leave and he never got to play on the computer in the waiting room.

We did make a quick stop at the gift shop. Nick picked out a stethoscope, and I got Katheryn and me matching surgical caps.

Nick slept for most of the day once we got home. But no pain side effects from the anesthesia.

While this 'surgery' happened just like planned. I really hope that we won't end up in the OR for more dentistry work. While the gag reflex will still be there (which is what prevented doing this dental work without anesthesia), hopefully we won't get more cavities. We've stopped the oral ditropan and continue with tooth-brushing, even with gagging. But we have another 6 more months before we see our local dentist again.

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