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Monday, February 16, 2015

Walking with crutches

This Family Day Nick decided to show off. I have been trying to get him to use his crutches.

I keep hearing how well he is doing with them, but I really wanted to see for myself. We keep getting his crutches sent home from school and Nick keeps stubbornly refusing to use them. So this family day I got them out and I had a mission.
Nick will show me how he can walk with them.
He is much more comfortable with them than he has been a month or so ago. But he is still nervous. He wouldn't try them unless I was behind him and holding him. So that is what I did... at first.
I stood behind him, holding his hips and he started walking. And I started pulling less and less pressure on his hips. He kept looking behind him and saying "mommy you have to hold me". We did a bit of walking, then turned around and walked back. I knew he was ready to do it without anyone holding him. So once we got everyone watching... the pressure is on... I pulled out my video camera


 And he did it! Family Day strikes again!

 At one time he does look back and say he wants someone to hold him. But he just kept on going. I'm not sure how functional he will be with crutches, but you have to start somewhere.
Even with the smaller base I think he found it was more supportive than the smaller canes we have for him. Now we need to continue to motivate Nick to want to walk with the canes and I think he will. We were all so proud of him!

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