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Friday, July 31, 2015


We are starting to get into our clinic-heavy time of the year.
Our spina bifida clinic has been divided up into individual appointments, which makes a very long day into 2 long afternoons (which are on a Friday of course).

We had our appointment with Dr Church, Nick's developmental pediatrician the first week. It went well, he is doing great (of course). We talked about Nick's MACE, which is working well, and his bladder leaking, but our urology appointment was the following week. Dr Church (who we love, and who also has spina bifida) says that since we have bowel continence, we should try what we can for urinary continence. We are close, but not there yet.
We talked about the increased bracing, which we will follow up with, with orthopedics in the fall and neurosurgery next month.

We talked about Nick's diet and fluid intake, skin integrity and any other concerns. Nick has been getting so much better with drinking water, which has helped with the overheating he used to get (and switching from oral ditropan) Nick got to steal some of my iced cap after drinking his water.

We also talked about self care and independence. At 5, almost 6 Dr Church felt that he was old enough, with enough dexterity to learn how to self-cath. So that is our goal to be ready for the start of school. Nick was very receptive to the idea and solemnly told her that he would learn. My concern was about bladder infections. But she said that we can tolerate a couple of infections for him to get his independence (and we haven't had a UTI in a long time)

That was one appointment down. Everything is good.

I wasn't able to go to the next one, the urology appointment, but Kyle was there and I gave him a list of stuff that I wanted him to ask. To get that bladder leaking figured out. Botox is on the top of my list, or maybe increasing the gelnique?

So Kyle went with Nick and we came out with a plan. The 2 treatment options involve general anesthetic. Which is more invasive than I thought it would be. The options are putting in a bulking agent, to bulk up the ureter so it doesn't leak or botox that will relax the bladder to keep it from spasming.
Both are options that do different things for the same symptom.
The other option that we have is do some tests to see why we are still getting leaking. This, of course is what we want to do. Why treat blindly when we can try to determine what the best action is.
So in the fall we are going to do a VCUG and urodynamics study and then come up with a plan after that.

We also asked about increasing the gelnique (which is a bladder relaxant) but urology said that he was at the upper end of the dosage. So that's not an option.

I'm hoping we can have the tests scheduled in September so that we can get our plan in place. And then the last part of our clinic in the fall.

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