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Monday, July 20, 2015

Minion Tires

So if you have a bunch on old tires hanging around your cottage, and want to make something crafty this summer, hmmm what should you do?

Well, my mother in law and I had an idea! (Facebook/Pintrest may have helped too)

So we collected the 7 best tires and cleaned them 

We got some special primer that would stick to tires, and be good for outside.
We put a strip of tape around the middle of two of them (covered one of the centre treads)

We stacked them up so see how they would sit

The kids took some time out to watch us

Then we painted them and let them dry. They needed 2 coats to cover them, and we had to paint-brush paint. No spray paint.
We used regular house paint that would be used outside. We painted them separately, and then stacked them up to get all the middle parts. Only the tops needed to be painted fully, the middle ones didn't need everything done.

Then we stacked them up so we could get a good view
And you could see what we were making

The little one had 1 blue and 2 yellow, the larger one had 2 blue and 3 yellow. The bottom yellow is painted with blue for the overalls.
The tape is removed to show the black underneath. And we taped on some eyes (to practice) and a mouth for the big one.

The next day we did some touch-up and finished the eyes (and the pupil is actually a bolt holding it in place).

It was a lot of fun making our minion tires. The kids had fun watching us (but they didn't help, this was a grandma-mommy project). Now they we have done some of them (and have more tires left over) we might make it a project for the kids the next time.

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