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Friday, July 10, 2015

Please don't step over my son

The title of this post might seem like a metaphor.
But it is not.

What I mean is DO NOT physically lift your legs and step over my son and his walker to get by him.

Might seem like common sense right?

If not common sense, then a reasonable expectation of a polite society?
You don't push people out of the way, you don't kick puppies and you don't step over a child who is using his walker in a doorway, or anywhere for that matter.

Yeah he's about 3 feet tall, he's kind of quiet and he pulls around a red walker, but he is very good at maneuvering it in doorways and in the parking lot. And you can take an extra second out of your time to let him go by.

Let me be clear.
You DO NOT step over him

In the last weeks I saw 2 people do this to Nick.
One was a teenager and Nick was trying to get out a door and his walker was at an angle as he was going through the door. This teenager just stepped right over him and the walker in the doorway. OK, teenagers are rude, it was a one-off. Kyle and I talked about (and felt really old discussing teenagers these days)

The second one was an old man. Nick was walking through a parking lot and was going beside our car, this old man (who I thought had parked beside us and was going to his car) went into the space between our cars and then just stepped over Nick and his walker and kept going.
I was too far away to do anything but fume. And fume, and think about it, and get mad. And now decide that we need to do something.

Some people are rude, some people don't have any common sense, and some people are not aware of what is going on around them (and don't care).

But this is different.

This is putting my child in danger. When you step over a child who is pulling a walker that keeps him upright you are putting him in danger. What if his moves the walker, what if your foot gets caught on part of the walker, then you lose your balance and you fall on my son, and he falls down. And gets hurt, or gets scared, or looses confidence in his ability to walk with his walker. 

This is the size of the walker these people are stepping over

I don't really care if you are 15 years old or 95 years old. You DO NOT step over a child, he has every right to be in the space that he is in. If he is in that space, then you are not.

So we sat down and talked about what happened. Nick noticed both occurrences, but didn't really think anything about it. I told him that what these people did was wrong and it was dangerous to him. If anyone does this again to tell them (loudly) to stop.

We will also keep an eye out if this happens again and actually stop and tell these people that this is not right.

I think some large spikes at the back of the walker might be the next step to get the point across...

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