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Friday, November 13, 2015

6 years old!

Someone turned 6 today!
On another lucky Friday the 13th
It's hard to believe that this little guy has grown up into the strong, brave, talkative, funny boy we have today.
I still remember driving into the hospital the morning he was born and everyone was talking about it being Friday the 13th. And being so nervous and so worried and just wanting him to be safe

And look at him now!
The kids knew that we had a surprise for them and they would miss the day of school. But they didn't know where we were going...
Until Kyle and I woke them up with Wolf ears on!
They were very excited to go to Great Wolf Lodge and the pool!

It was nice and small. Just the 4 of us. But we all sang and Nick had his own cake. And he got free ice cream every hour for the entire stay!

Nick says that he had a great birthday! The best one yet!

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