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Friday, November 27, 2015

How is school going?

School is going well. Nickolas is very social and talks about all of the kids that he played with a recess. (All girls). And Katheryn talks about all of the kids that she plays with  (all boys). But they have a lot of the same friends.

Nick doesn't talk as much about what he has actually learned at school.
But we work on reading at home. Reading his borrow-a-book every night (during bathroom routine). It takes a lot of coaching and Nick says that he can't do it, or doesn't know the words.
He is slowly improving. He started off the year reading at a level 1 and is now at a level 4.
Nick's writing is also improving. He is slow, but he is getting there.
Math (of course) is another area that he is improving on. We are working on simple addition and counting.

I am not sure where Nick fits in with the other kids in the class. But I can see how he is improving. We got his report card earlier in the month and there wasn't really any surprises.

Katheryn is doing great at school too. Her reading is phenomenal. She can read almost anything we put in front of her. She didn't get straight A's this report card, but came very close.
Her writing is one thing she needs to pay attention too. She is in such a hurry to get her ideas across that she scribbles all up and down the page. So we work on that with her.

But both of the kids are enjoying school. They come home and tell us what they played. Usually "Boys against Girls" which seems to be some kind of hiding game. And if they went to the gym and library or had any visitors.

One of the things they have learned is different emotions and colours. If they are mad they are in the red zone and if they are happy they are in the green zone. It is good that it helps them to identify where they are.
I have been trying to use the same concept at home, when they get upset or angry.

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