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Monday, November 30, 2015

OT group

With Nick out of Campbell's, he is now part of the school-age group of therapy. Which means that he doesn't get one-on-one therapy anymore but they run therapy groups that he can join.
They had a OT group for Nov - Dec for 6 weeks and every week they have a different focus.
They have been doing parties and dressing and winter clothes. So they practice put their clothes on and off (extra clothes, overtop what they are wearing).
It is group and practice for the small hand stuff, like buttons and zippers, but also the activities of daily living like getting dressed.

The weather has been super mild, but the day they had winter clothes, it was raining and 10 degrees outside. But Nick wanted to go out dressed in his snowpants and everything.
Of course what he really wanted to do was splash in the rain puddles and get everyone soaking wet!

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