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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Easter Seals Day 1

It is Easter Seals Camp day!
This year we have been lucky to be accepted to Easter Seals Family Camp, again. This time we are at Merrywood. This camp is located 3 1/2 hours North East of us, in Perth.
We had to get an early start, and the kids were really excited!

But with a 4 hour car-ride, that excitement didn't last

But we got here!

Merrywood is on a peninsula, so we are surrounded by water. You can see the water from our room

There is lots to do and we went for a tour when we arrived (and unloaded 2 carts worth of stuff).
There are no hills and everything is pretty close together. Our cabin is the Moose cabin. We are the closest to the parking lot. But still close to all of the action.

Nick did the tour with his crutches.

They have a big hall/gym with costumes and karaoke, a craft hut, canoes, sailboats, kayaks, life skills with a kitchenette and a couple of different docks.
There is a grassing knoll and a snake

We made a sign for our family with all of the stuff that we wanted to do. And lots of water

After the tour and unpacking, the kids wanted to go to the pool We did 2 laps before it was time to get out. But the kids were happy with the quick dip.
Then it was time for story time. (Which we missed getting changed). And then Sell the Sizzle. We know Sell the Sizzle from other camps, it is when we find out the activities for the next day. Everything looks like fun. We need to sign up for our activities (and not just show up, like at Woodeden)

Everyone has asked if we've been to camp before. When we said we've been to Woodeden twice, they ask who is better. It is only the first day, but there isn't really a better but a different.

After dinner there was free time to play on the grassing knoll.

For family time, there was an Alice in Wonderland scavenger hunt. With clues for each cabin to do. The councilors really got into it!
It was lots of fun!

Painting the roses red

Having a tea part with the Mad Hatter

Meeting Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Meeting the Caterpillar

And praying croquet with the Queen of Hearts

In the end the Queen of Hearts was thrown in the lake!

The night ended with a campfire, and Nick was entranced!

We needed to try to figure out where to fit Nick's nightly routine, without having him miss anything fun. There is a teen program (that Katheryn is allowed to do), and so we did Nick's routine then.

I also really wanted to go to the parent program. Which was pottery!
I made an eye ball and I'm excited to see how it turns out!

When I got back, this is how I found the kids, reading with the councilors.
Then it was one more chapter and then bedtime

We were all exhausted!

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