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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Meet Chuva

Just after we loss Sammie, we found that Rory's mother may need to be rehomed.
At the time it was not a good time. But Kyle and I talked that if it was an option in 6 months - a year it would actually be a perfect fit for our family (we didn't really want another puppy, but really liked having 2 dogs).
Well, a couple of weeks ago our breeder posted that she was looking to rehome Chuva. Chuva is 4 years old, has had only 1 litter (Rory's litter), she recently got spayed and has a clean bill of health. She is good with children, and is one of the alpha's in the pack (#2 of 7).
Kyle and I talked about it and immediately sent off a message saying we were interested.
And so she is coming for a trial to see how she fits with our family.
We met at the cottage, and she was confused at first, and really didn't want to leave her spot at the front door.
Chuva really bonded with Nickolas.

Rory wants to play, but this is as close as she would let Rory get.

When there was Nick AND food involved, that was when Chuva left the front door to come into the kitchen.

I think that she picked herself a favorite


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