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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Fun shirts

I like buying things online. If someone posts a picture of a shirt or a link, I will very often go and track down the link. Especially if it is something fun, funny or awareness related.

I do this all the time for the kids clothes (and have been told I have the most interesting awareness clothing), and sometimes for myself (what is more fun that a shirt with a wookie on it?)

So when I friend posted about these shirts with superheroes on wheelchairs I had to check it out.
The company is called Adaptive Apparel www.adaptiveapparel.org/ and they have so many different super heroes (and villians) to choose from.

Nick thought it was so cool and wanted all of them!
He ended up picking Batman.
And Katheryn really wanted one too, and picked Wonder Woman.

 It took about 4 weeks for them to come, and cost $25 USD, and shipped was another $3 (and with a 15% off code - 15OFF - if it still works. With a lot of choice for colours and sizes and even type of clothing.

The kids were so, so excited when the package came. They couldn't even wait until the next day, they tore off their shirts and put these on. And then even asked for pictures!

I agree that it is a cool shirt. (The dark blue doesn't show off the batman, but Nick got what he wanted). It is about normalizing the unique and different, being proud and display yourself to the world (from their website).

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