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Monday, February 27, 2017


We finally got on the ice and skating!

This has been a very long way in coming.
Every winter I try to get the kids on the ice. But both kids. And that has been the hold up.
4 years ago Katheryn got bob skates for Christmas and I had hoped we could make a rink in the backyard. Because Nick wanted to do whatever Katheryn is doing.

So the next year I heard about a skate horse, being designed by the March of Dimes. They contacted me after reading my blog about skating. But after some back and forth I wasn't able to get one to trial. The following year I tried again, but again we just couldn't connect.
So then it just sat on the back burner for a while. Looking at some lessons, but nothing ever came from it.

Well, this year Nick started sledge hockey. And it became about helping Katheryn learn to skate.
Again, I looked at lessons. But they never panned out (we limit to 2 activities and Katheryn is still doing martial arts and brownies).

Then for Christmas we all got ice skates! I was so excited (and nervous... I haven't skated in 13 years). I researched where to skate at the cottage, indoor and outdoor. I got Katheryn some skating aids called Skateez (like training wheels for skates). We borrowed the sledge and we were all ready for a family skate at the cottage!
And then I got sick and we couldn't go.
We tried again during on a weekday, but it didn't work out.

So I was very excited, when in the last week of February, we got on the ice!

Katheryn was so nervous. This was how she did the first round around the rink. A death-grip with 2 hands on the edge.

This was how Nick did the rink. Just gliding, nice. He knew what he was doing!
Of course he got lots of looks and smiles and he skated around the rink no problem!

I had thought/hoped that the Skateez would be enough support. But at the rink they had pylons that they used for support. So Katheryn used that to go around the rink and eventually felt comfortable letting go of the edge. (They didn't have any skate aids to borrow/rent, and they are too small anyways)

Kyle didn't want to go on the ice (it's been a good 20 years for him), but I found it was easy enough to get back out on the ice and skate.
Family selfie on the ice!

Here are my 2 skaters!

Katheryn started getting more and more brave


And Katheryn got more comfortable going around the ice with her pylon.


 She did fall a couple of times, but got right back up!

I think it was a great afternoon! We were on the ice for an hour and a half. Hopefully we'll get out at least a couple more times before the end of the season.

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