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Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is here!

Last week was a better week. Whenever there is something to complain about you are more likely to write about it. When things are going well, you don’t really write saying how great things are. So not writing last week just reflected (I guess) that I was in a good place.

Nothing changed very much from the week before. I am still cathing Nickolas 3 – 4 times a day. I’m still going crazy over my paper (which is ALMOST done). We are working with Nickolas’ head and body control. For some reason I decided last week was the week to start getting Katheryn ready to potty train. Pre-potty training. We’ve combined a bunch of different techniques I’ve read about. We bring the potty with us when we go visiting, we have a book we talk about, we have her dolly who sits on the potty and I bring her with me when I go to the potty (and her potty is in the room too). But I’m trying not to force her to sit on the potty. Her potty sings when she pees, I think she’ll be excited once she can make it sing.

Between the potty adventure and cathing every 4-6 hours all I’ve done is pee! Pee and paper. (For those who don’t know, I am completing my masters and have been writing my final research paper – currently 70 pages). I am soo close to submitting my paper – my due date (personal) is March 31.

Spring is officially here. Boy did we enjoy those last days of winter! Wednesday, Nickolas and I sat outside (while I worked on my paper). Thursday I loaded the kids up to visit grandma and grandpa Ridding and have a play date with Madison and Shannen. They really enjoyed walking up and down the street in the wagon (by they – I mean the adults and the children). They we played in the backyard. All of this without a jacket. Friday the kids got loaded up again to go walking along Petticoat creak with Papa Bartley. We walked – Katheryn ran, and Nickolas slept.

So last week was a good week. Nothing really changed, but me. This week is full of appointments. Tuesday we have swimming lessons with Nick (yay!) and an assessment at Grandview Children’s Centre. Then Friday we have a spina bifida appointment at Bloorview Kids Rehab with urology, orthopaedics and paediatrician. I guess we should get some answers about the things I was worried about last week.

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